Lake Erie Shores & Islands Welcome Center, Port Clinton, Ohio

The Lake Erie Shores & Islands Welcome Centers are great places to start planning a Lake Erie adventure. There are two visitor centers at which to do this; one is located in Port Clinton, Ohio, and the other is located in Sandusky, Ohio. These welcome centers are destinations in themselves.

This sign invites visitors into the Welcome Center on Route 53, SE Catawba Road, in Port Clinton. The Port Clinton center is located near the Erie-Ottawa International Airport (PCW) Carl R. Keller Field and the CBP Sandusky Bay station.

The Welcome Centers are open year around but it's best to call ahead to see when they'll be open. This image was taken on Sunday, May 25th, 2014, and the center was open from 10am-2pm. There is ample parking, even for vehicles with trailers. This center has comfortable amenities for visitors.

To the right of the Marblehead lighthouse is a large glass tank filled with walleye. In the back is a display for the Methodist Church's Lakeside Chautauqua community. Nature 'edu-tainment' can be found with the backpack, and the USS Lawrence is very impressive to see in person. There's much, much more not shown in this image.

This is the backyard of the Port Clinton Welcome Center. Note the double-doors in the background; to either side are new, ample picnic tables in the shade with orderly recycle bins. The green space surrounding this pavilion is very nice.

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