Lake Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Woodbine Beach is part of a neighborhood called "The Beaches" in Toronto, Ontario, overlooking Lake Ontario in Canada. It is a very pleasant beach to visit, and is very popular among city dwellers and tourists alike. We found the water much colder than in Michigan, however!

The CN Tower has a 360-degree view of Toronto, both of the city and Lake Ontario. It's one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and stands at 1815 feet (553 meters) tall. For more information, visit

This is the lakefront around CN Tower. Lake Ontario is the fourteenth largest freshwater lake in the world:

This is the view of Lake Ontario from the Skypod at the CN Tower. The Skypod is 1465 feet (447 meters) or 33 stories high.


There are portholes in the Skypod at CN Tower looking out over Lake Ontario; July 6, 2012. Woodbine Beach on Toronto's east side is a wonderful beach that has many amenities, including a snack shack. Like Toronto's tap water, the lake water is extremely cold even if the weather is over 95 degrees F (35 degrees C).

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