Port Clinton City Beach, Port Clinton, OH

The city of Port Clinton is located on the southern shore of Lake Erie in Ottawa County, Ohio. The Port Clinton City Beach is likewise located on the southern shore of Lake Erie along State Route 163 (East Perry Street). This 2,180-foot sandy swimming beach is located between Maple and Hayes streets.

In early April, the sun starts to go down around 6 pm over Lake Erie at the Port Clinton City Beach. This image looks eastward. Though the water was cold, it was not as bone-chilling as the water of Lake Ontario.

Looking far northward, gulls alight on a sandbar on the evening of April 6th, 2013. A male/female pair of ducks was heading eastward. The sand was relatively free of droppings.

The wind and waves were gentle as the sun began to set around 6 pm in this northwesterly-facing image. The Besse-Davis nuclear plant in the center of the image supplies power to the region.

Facing west on the Port Clinton City Beach, strolling beachgoers will notice that the sand is coarse near the water's edge.

This image shows Lakeview Park's snack shack on Route 163 (East Perry Street) in the heart of Port Clinton. Although it is closed during the early spring, there are several fast-food restaurants to the east of the park. The strawberry creme pie at McDonald's is highly recommended.

Lakeview Park has a nice shelter and playground, which are used by many people of all ages even if the sun is barely out. This photo was taken around 11 am on a Sunday morning. A free parking lot sits between the snack shack and the crosswalk.

A signaled crosswalk enables leisure-seekers to enjoy both the park and the sand as they cross East Perry Street. A brick sand wall does its best to keep the sand on the beach and off the road. Both warm and cold currents await barefoot beachgoers.

Looking east, there are several fast-food restaurants where patrons can pull right up to the shore at noontime to enjoy their burgers with a spectacular view of shell-covered sandbars, soaring gulls, and plentiful white caps.

Lake Erie is very shallow, and it is easy to stroll out into the lake bed at low tide. Here, the tide had gone out overnight, exposing many sandbars that were fun to run through barefoot. The tide was swiftly rolling back in, however, as evidenced by the waves and white caps in this northward looking image. April 7th was a very windy morning.

A Lake Erie gull stands on what's left of its sandbar after the waves started coming in on Port Clinton's City Beach. Lake Erie is the smallest of the five Great Lakes and is also the shallowest and warmest.

This 30-second video was taken with an iPhone 4S during the evening of July 1, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. The camera pans east to west over the Port Clinton City Beach at Lake Erie in Port Clinton, Ohio.

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