Lake Front Park, Huron, Ohio

Lake Front Park in Huron, Ohio, is three acres of fun. It's a leafy neighborhood park with 500 feet of scenic beach that sits just off Cleveland Road West/US 6. This small park with a swimming beach has everything from a granite compass rose to vending machines and is fine for a long afternoon.

Lake Front Park runs parallel to Park Street, bounded by Ohio and Center streets. It is just a few steps west of the Huron River (for water testing purposes, this park is known as Huron River West). There is ample parking here and this free park is open from dawn to dusk. Huron Rotary Centennial Park and Lighthouse Pier can be accessed from here.

The playground here has a bench positioned to allow close supervision. The structure on the right-hand side houses nice restrooms. Vending machines are also located here, and there are grills near the picnic tables. Unlike carry-in, carry-out parks, Lake Front has trash cans by the parking lots.

The gazebo is located on the eastern side of the park, near the junction of Center and Wall streets. The Nickel Plate Beach Lighthouse is visible from this area, as are many birds, types of watercraft, and dragonflies. The view from the benches looks north.

This granite compass rose measures about four feet by four feet and sits near the gazebo. According to the inscription at the top right, Toronto (with its famous Woodbine Beach) is 46 deg NE and 225 miles away. Kelleys Island, with all of its attractions, is 333 deg NW and 16 1/2 miles away.

This graded section of terrain leads from the picnic area directly to the shoreline. (The building with the red rooftop is the restroom and the playground slide is next to it.) The man sitting on the picnic table has perhaps the best view of Lake Front's small swimming beach and the boats in the distance.

This is the swimming beach and a point of egress for paddle craft at Lake Front Beach. Visible on the right is the westernmost point of the limestone breakwater. Beach gulls really enjoy the perch on the limestone. There is no lifeguard at this beach; the water here is really shallow.

Two kayakers enjoy the mostly sunny early evening at Lake Front Park (it was 77 deg). Larger craft also operate here. The area behind the kayakers is part of the Nickel Plate Beach Lighthouse Pier. Those returning to shore can wash off sand at the drinking fountain by the parking lot.

It's 8 pm on the beach at Lake Front Park on the Friday before Labor Day 2014. Cedar Point is to the west, and the tallest structure visible is the Top Thrill Dragster at 420 feet; the one to its immediate left is PowerTower at 300 feet. Sunset is at 8:10 pm tonight, and Lake Front Park will close at dusk.

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