Cedar Point/Kings Island Halloween

The fun at Cedar Point and Kings Island doesn't end after Labor Day. These two amusement parks have Halloween festivals, both family-friendly and fiendish, that typically begin on the second Friday after Labor Day and run until the last weekend in October. There are haybale mazes, trick-or-treating stations, haunted houses, spooky shows galore, and more.


This is the main entrance at Cedar Point on Sunday, October 18th, 2015. The fun begins right after stepping through the front gate. Cedar Point has been hosting HalloWeekends since 1997; the children's attractions open up late morning and by late afternoon, the haunted houses are ready. After dark, the ghouls really come out to play.


Welcome to the Halloween Haunt at Kings Island, on the very night itself, just after eight o'clock. Spooky music is playing over loudspeakers on the plaza, while the announcer--"Scary Voice Guy"--taunts this evening's victims. Actually, Scary Voice Guy is hilarious, and is a fun guy to meet . . . if you dare to walk through the front gate.

At Cedar Point, there is a lot of humor in the horror. Aliens have landed at the retro diner called Coasters, and they are taking over. The rocket ship by the marquee says, "Humans Make the Best Speed Bumps." Better go in and get your burger while you still can.


Kings Island's retro diner was not decorated for the Haunt like Cedar Point's Coasters was, but KI's Eiffel Tower certainly was. The tower is open and provides a great 360-degree view of the park and the surrounding area. International Street, just below the tower, was especially haunted that evening.

School's back in at Cedar Point, and so are the zombies. The Zombie High School haunted house is new for 2015, but the scares were kickin' it old-school, especially in the ZHS science lab and the locker room. The wait time for this one was one hour, and was definitely worth it.

The Urgent Scare ambulance at Kings Island was just as scary as the actual haunted house, or hospital in this case, which is located by Windseeker. There are no physicians at the Urgent Scare facility, only morticians. The wait for this attraction wasn't very long at all.

This is a true haunted house, in every way. G.A. Boeckling's Eerie Estate was built here in 1906, when it was Cedar Point general manager George Arthur Boeckling's summer home. George is gone but his spirit lives on. He turned the sleepy Cedar Point picnic grove into the roller coaster capital of the world.

Night has fallen on the Delta Delta Die sorority house at Kings Island, near the Dodgem's in Coney Maul. This attraction has been here for a while but is always fun. This isn't a typical sorority house in that each one of these ladies has met an unfortunate fate during her time here. Many more will follow.

Careful . . . don't become "Hexed" at Cedar Point's most Gothic haunted house. This haunted house is located by the Giant Ferris Wheel, and Lake Erie has definitely cast some shade on this place. This is Goth at its best, or if you will, its worst. You'll be quaking in your Doc Marten's, for sure.

The last KMart location in Cincinnati closed a few months ago, and perhaps this is the reason why. KMart has become Kill Mart. As the graffiti indicates, there is no bottled water here and zombies have taken over. The sporting goods section is the scariest. This attraction is located in the Coney Maul.

As a blustery wind from Lake Erie blows over Cedar Point, the zombies in the Skeleton Crew come alive at Celebration Plaza. Tired of haunted houses? This fun show was full of acrobatics and spooky music. A sword-swallower rounded out the afternoon's entertainment.

The Street Drum Corps became the Blood Drum Corps as they took to the stage near the Eiffel Tower at Kings Island on International Street. The show lasted for about twenty-five minutes, and the highlight was a pyrotechnic baton twirler. Another show, Hot Blooded, took place at International Showplace.

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